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What Model & Business Women "Charne Botha" had to say about her experience at Feline Spa

"My name is Charne Botha, and I am a model, hostess, business women and and all round ball of fun. I do a lot of work in the events industry which can be quite stressful and demanding. To look glamorous isn’t easy, as the French would say "beauty is pain" and I relate to that wearing heels all the time (ladies im sure you can relate too). This is why a spa day is exactly what any woman in my industry needs to KEEP GOING!

My favourite part about Feline Spa and Beauty Labs is how "at home" you feel although away from home. It has such a holiday feel to it that you wouldn’t even say it's based in town. The decor is absolutely breathtaking; it makes you feel like you’re in the rainforest. The waterfall rock feature in the Spa is extremely soothing, which really helps you relax along with the treatment you’re receiving.

I strongly recommend Feline Spa and Beauty Labs due to their hospitality and professionalism. You never feel like you have to wait for service and the food and drinks are exceptional. Do yourself a favour and visit this beautiful facility as soon as possible!"

- Charne Botha

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