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The Ultimate Wedding-Beauty Prep Guide

First comes love, then come...blowouts, waxing appointments, manicures, half a dozen facials, and maybe a laser hair-removal session or two. Or not, of course. The fact is that how high- or low-maintenance you want to be about your wedding prep is as personal a choice as whom you choose to marry. But if you decide to go all in, we're here to help with the planning.

Get a manicure and pedicure, and then keep getting them regularly (once a week for fingers, once every three weeks for toes) to whip your nails into shape. Do this at home if you're on a budget, or do it at Feline Spa (Book Now)

2. Book a facial tailored to your skin type (moisturizing for dry skin, clarifying for oily or acne-prone skin). If your skin doesn't freak out, book the same facial two weeks before the wedding so there's time for any red marks from extractions to settle down. (Book Now)

3. Do your hair trial. Remember to bring lots of pictures and take lots of pictures. You should settle on two options (including a rainy-day option if you're prone to frizz) and photograph multiple angles of each. Wear each for six hours to make sure they hold. Feline Spa has professional hair stylists on the premises.

4. If you (really, really) want to chemically straighten or curl your hair, this is the time. Schedule a touch-up for three weeks before the wedding, too.

5. Touch up your hair color.

6. Get a light trim—just an inch or two to lose split ends.

7. Groom your brows (with a professional or your mirror). Book Professional Now

8. Work out. Now's a good time to add 20 extra minutes of cardio to each workout. We know: joy.

Get a massage (now's the time to use that gift certificate your bridesmaids gave you). (Book Now)

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